Since 1994, we’ve fostered a culture of quality among

our crew, partners and subcontractors

Pete Testorff Founder

Jeff S. Project Manager/Estimator

Dustin B. Project Manager/Estimator

Mario S. Project Manager

Alex S. Office Manager/HR

Marcelino M. Super

Robert B. Super

Daniel R. Journeyman

Ross T. Journeyman

Christine M. Office Manager AP/AR

Curtis JourneyDog

A Culture of Quality

Our reputation is built on craftsmanship, exceptional service and professionalism.

We’re more than just a bunch of hammer swingers. Over the years, we’ve built a stable crew by understanding that loyalty goes both ways. We invest in our people by providing training and opportunities to pick up new skills and knowledge. In addition, we’re one of the few contractors that provide health insurance and retirement benefits.

One of the key pieces of information our founder picked up in business school, is that it takes about 3 years before an employee starts to produce dividends. We strive to avoid the revolving door endemic of the construction industry. As a result, when clients come back to us years later to put an addition on their house, they’re working with the same knowledgeable crew who originally built their home.

With decades of experience under our belts, our crew frequently draws on each other’s knowledge. There’s a constant cross-pollination of new techniques, materials, procedures and ideas. This lets us move our players around, substituting and trading them as the needs on projects shift. At every step, our Project Managers oversee and maintain quality and consistency.

We put teams together best suited to your project. From our Project Managers to the specific subcontractors we choose. Our roster of talent is deep. We have developed long-standing relationships with design and construction specialists that have lasted for years.

Meet the team members who get it done. All day. Every Day.

Trophy Case

  • LEED Platinum Home Certification

    The United States Green Building Council awarded the first LEED Platinum Home Certification to our project on the west side near Swift and Delaware – the highest possible rating in LEED certification.

  • Santa Cruz Green Building Award

    We earned the 19th annual City of Santa Cruz’ Green Building Award in 2009, for a home built near the UC Santa Cruz campus.

  • Aptos Chamber Of Commerce

    The Aptos Chamber of Commerce presented us with their Beautification Award for infrastructure work that had been an eyesore for many years.

  • Santa Cruz Green Building Award

    We picked up the 38th annual City of Santa Cruz’ Green Building Award in 2012, for our LEED-Certified home on the west side of Santa Cruz.

  • Santa Cruz Waves Swellies

    Testorff Construction was voted as Santa Cruz’s “Favorite Contractor” for the 2020 Swellies, issued by Santa Cruz Waves magazine.

  • 2020 Dwell Design Awards

    This Testorff Construction project in Bonny Doon was nominated for the 2020 Dwell Design Awards – ‘Two Creatives Carve Out a Blissful Home in a California Redwood Forest’

Community Involvement

Operation Surf – Santa Cruz

Aptos Little League

New Brighton Surf Team

Santa Cruz Mid County Pony

  • Pete Testorff

    Pete knows that being a contractor is more than swinging a hammer. So, he put himself through college working construction, taking a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from San Jose State University in 1992. His leadership infuses the company with an awareness of effective best building practices and dedicated customer service.

  • Marcelino M.

    Marcelino has a 2 year associates degree in architectural drafting. He has over twenty years experience in construction building houses, commercial buildings, warehouses, hotels and offices. He has extensive knowledge regarding foundations, framing, waterproofing, roofing, door and window installation and is excellent with finish work. He has experience running crews of up to 50 people and is an adept problem solver.

  • Mario S.
    Project Manager

    Our all-purpose player, Mario’s an adaptive thinker who’s been tackling tricky challenges for us since late 2004. A commercial tenant improvement specialist, he’s savvy about all kinds of facilities from restaurants to clean rooms.

  • Dustin B.
    Project Manager

    With us since way back in 1998, Dustin’s our Sergeant at Arms. A thoughtful problem solver, he’s our go-to guy for large, complex, tough projects. Onsite, he’s an organized task-master who remains even-keeled and maintains his cool head under fire.

  • Jeff S.
    Project Manager & Estimator

    Building Performance Institute Certified, Jeff has achieved the highest level of training of all of our crew. A construction geek, he’s been on the team since Y2K. Always interested in learning something new, he’s our resident building envelope expert. With an eye for details, he’s the guy you want helping you pick out tile and paint colors.

  • Roque T.
    Project Manager/Journeyman

    A multi-faceted journeyman, Roque fills the position of rough framing specialist on our roster. Possessing extensive skills in all aspects of the construction industry, he attacks every challenge, large and small, with his signature laugh. He’s been bringing his dedicated work ethic to Testorff jobsites since 2010.

  • Tim W.

    Tim has been with Testorff Construction for a total of eight years and brings with him 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Originally a framing specialist, he has evolved into someone who is not afraid to get his hands dirty pouring concrete, hanging drywall, or roofing a house. Tim demonstrates efficiency and excellence from the smallest remodel to some of our largest commercial jobs.

  • Alex S.
    Office Ambassador

    Alex is our “Jill of all trades” when it comes to office operations. Regardless of where her daily tasks take her (submitting plans, pulling permits, visiting job sites, managing the client inquiries, etc..) the team and clients can ensure that the task is completed right the first time.

  • Shelly L.
    AP/AR Manager

    With prior experience in the legal field, Shelly runs the Testorff Construction office AP/AR department. She is knowledgeable about prevailing wage processes and bank draws, ensuring that any project the company takes on is done so with ease. With her exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills, she also works on contractual items to ensure accuracy for all parties.

  • Robert B.

    Since the start of his employment with Testorff Construction, Rob has always risen to the occasion and now find's himself running his own projects with the company. His interaction with clients and subcontractors is seamless and intentional, ensuring that the details of every project are taken care of.

  • Ross T.

    Ross is a versatile crew member who has the ability to move from a small remodel to a large scale commercial job. Proficient in framing and waterproofing, he’s able to guide and line out several guys efficiently to keep multiple jobs on track and moving forward in a smooth fashion.

  • Daniel R.

    Daniel came to us with prior construction experience and has grown to become a key member of the team here at Testorff Construction. From foundation work to high end detail finish work, he can tackle any job that he is given.

  • Curtis

    Curtis is a Labradoodle that the spends half of his day boosting team morale and the other half sleeping under his desk and getting into trouble. Bark, bark, bark, ruff, bark, grrr.