O’Neill Surf Shop Aptos

A Surf Shop in the Village

O’Neill Surf Shop Aptos

This retail conversion is another great example of what the Testorff team can do with a completely blank canvas. The newest O’Neill Surf Shop gave our team an opportunity to design and build all aspects of the surf shop, from fitting rooms to display walls.

The design and build out of the surf shop was an extremely collaborative process between O’Neill, Testorff Construction, and each of the specialty trade professionals that were involved. The result is an O’Neill Surf Shop that complements the brand and vision of everyone involved.

Next time you’re down in the village stop by the shop and check out some of the more intricate and specialty features of O’Neill Surf Shop Aptos, including the t-shirt wall, the barn-door wetsuit displays, and Captain Jack O’Neill’s Hot Air Balloon Bucket.

Project Details

  • Square Footage: 3804
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Architect: William Kempf
  • Designers: Owner & Testorff Construction, Inc.
  • Project Duration: 5 months