Meyer Project

Major Two-Story Conversion

Meyer Project

This was a complete rebuild of a 1700 sq. ft. single-level family home in order to add a 2nd story and expand the overall square footage to 3000 sq. feet. The project included major upgrades to the foundation, including companion footings and sheer wall footings. Support for the 2nd story required complete new framing of the home to include engineered trusses. In the process we added anew roof, new stucco and upgraded insulation. All exterior and interior walls were also upgraded along with new interior finishes.

Additional niceties include a hardwired home theater, distributed audio system, sound-attenuating insulation for home studio and other features designed by owner for home efficiency. Some of these are concrete counter tops, photovoltaic solar array, tankless water heater, 90% efficient Munchkin boiler for hydronically heated floors in a gypcrete medium and a central vac system.

Project Details

  • Square Footage: 1,700 Expanded to 3,000
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Architect: William C. Kempf
  • Designers: Owner Tamara Meyer
  • Project Duration: 10 Months